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Healthy Habits

A free app that helps you create healthier habits.

Become a healthier, happier you…just by changing a few habits! Healthy Habits helps you put your good intentions into action! Most of us know what we want to change…we often even know how to do it. The problem arises because we don't put that intent into action. If you are ready to make positive changes in your life, Healthy Habits can help.

Easy to use: Identify habits that will improve your life add (+) them to the app. Start tracking your actions by clicking on the habit. You will get reminders and rewards along the way. It takes about 60 days to form a new habit. So get started today!

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WINNER: U.S. Surgeon General's Healthy Apps Challenge

  • Make or Break Up To 3 Habits
  • Past Due Reminders
  • Large Habit Library
  • Custom Habits
  • Custom Motivations & Rewards
  • Reports/Graphs
  • Quotes
  • Sharing via Facebook/Twitter
  • Notes Section for Each Habit

Why Upgrade?
More tools for better results!
  • Unlock Unlimited Habits
  • Backups (Using Dropbox)
  • Track Stats
  • Use Photos
  • More Charts & Graphs
  • Customized Reminders
  • Export Data
Healthy Habits has been featured by iTunes and downloaded by over 75,000 people!

This app is awesome! - Only one I've ever used that has actually helped me stay on track with my goals. Broken down into smaller daily/weekly/monthly goals they finally seem reasonable.

Awesome! Changing my life! - This is just the encouragement I need to be good to myself and stick to goals I've set. Awesome app! One of my new favorites.