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Habit Maker Habit Breaker

This is the free version of our popular Habit Maker app.

We are all bundle of habits! Habits are those repetitive behaviors we do easily without much effort or thought. Good habits make our life easy… bad habits get in our way. This easy to use app will help you create better default behaviors (or habits) so you can be the person you want to be.

Easy to use: Simply add (+) a habit you want to MAKE or BREAK. Then start tracking your progress by clicking on the happy or sad face each time you take an action. Record each positive action for MAKE habits, or negative action for BREAK habits. Enjoy your success.

(Click the screen for more.)

  • Make or Break 3 Habits
  • Easy, Fast Input
  • Set Goals
  • Define Motivations
  • Get Reminders
  • Share Your Progress
  • Earn Badges
  • View Reports/Graphs
  • Motivational Quotes
  • Add Habit Notes/Journal

Why Upgrade?
More tools for better results!
  • Unlock Unlimited Habits
  • Track Custom Stats
  • Use Photos
  • More Charts and Graphs
  • Customized Reminders
  • Export Data
  • No Ads

Great app - Helping me to set and reach goals - day by day. Helps to break down and keep track of daily actions that will lead to results. Well done!

Supportive - It's like having your own support team!!!