2Morrow Inc. - Healthy Habits Premium

Healthy Habits Premium™

This is our premium version of our Healthy Habits™ app with all features unlocked!

Healthy Habits Premium helps you put your good intentions into action! Much of the illness seen today is caused by unhealthy habits or behaviors (lack of physical activity, poor nutrition, tobacco use, and stress). Incorporating healthier habits into your life can make you happier, healthier and save you money. This app has helped thousands of people create better lives.

Easy to use: Identify habits that will improve your life add (+) them to the app. Start tracking your actions by clicking on the habit. You will get reminders and rewards along the way. It takes about 60 days to form a new habit. So get started today!

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  • Make or Break Unlimited Habits
  • Reminders
  • Large Habit Library
  • Custom Habits
  • Custom Motivations & Rewards
  • Reports/Graphs
  • Quotes
  • Sharing via Facebook/Twitter
  • Notes Section for Each Habit
  • Backups (Using Dropbox)
  • Track Stats
  • Use your Own Photos
  • More Charts & Graphs
  • Customized Reminders
  • Export Data
  • No Ads
Changing even tiny habits can improve your life, get started today.

Wonderful! - LIFE CHANGING app with lots of good habits in the library to choose from or to create one's own! lots and lots of features too, it gets really customizable with each update, yet still perfectly easy to use and to setup!

Really Works!!! - I could go on and on about how great this app is but I'll just say it really works and is fantastic!!