A Smarter Way to Quit

Dr. Jonathan Bricker's high-tech approach could revolutionize how people change behaviors.

Learn more about the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center research behind 2Morrow's new SmartQuit App. (read story)

2Morrow Announces Licensing Agreement with Fred Hutch

Helping move mHealth from a Promise to an Evidence Based Reality.

2Morrow, Inc. announced an exclusive licensing agreement with Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center to commercialize the first Smartphone-delivered, smoking cessation app that is scientifically proven to help smokers quit. (more) Great interview today on GeekWire radio with Jonathan Bricker, PhD of Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center about using a smartphone to help people change behaviors. 2Morrow, has licensed this tech from FHCRC and will be taking SmartQuit from lab to market. [link]

Mobilizing Behavior Change

When will power runs out, we fall back on our habits.

2Morrow is using the power of the Smartphone to help users create better habits. Over 40% of our daily decisions are based on habit, not conscious thought. To create lasting change, we must create habits that support our goals.

Surgeon General's Challenge: winner!

2Morrow's "Healthy Habits" App Wins U.S. Surgeon General's Healthy Apps Challenge!

2Morrow's "Healthy Habits" App was named the winner of U.S. Surgeon General's Healthy Apps Challenge. The challenge was launched by Surgeon General Regina Benjamin, MD (2012) to promote her vision for a healthy and fit nation. Judges included: Michelle Kwan, Cornell McClellan, Wayne Jonas, Farzad Mostashari, Todd Park & Shellie Pfohl. [learn more]

Staying Innovative

Organizations are seeking innovative solutions to employee health.

"Mobile technology will do for personal health and wellness what it's already done for personal communications. As innovators, we need to tap into this revolution to better serve our clients and differentiate our firms in the marketplace. We look forward to forging new ground with 2Morrow Inc.!"
- J. David Johnson, Senior Vice President RCMD